Biological Oddities

Biology is a playground of curious and wonderful things that can make one stop and think about how life has unraveled on this planet over the past billion or so years. Some of the most wonderful stories of life revolve around strange creatures or their bizarre behaviours. This section is a collection of some of the weirder and more ponderous things that I have come across.

It’s just an illusion…

The first section is dedicated to one of my favorite topics: illusions. I think illusions are a great way of making us realise that we are just biological creatures with biological systems at our disposal. No matter how weird and fantastic we think our brains are, the reality is that they are so much weirder and more fantastic. To paraphrase a famous astro-physicist: Our behaviour is not only weirder than we think, it is weirder than we can think!

  1. Optical illusions